Alternative dispute resolution and Negotiation for startups


It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.

G.K. Chesterton


Unicorn Mediation is the platform every Start-up needs to befriend. We are a team of experts in the fields of Mediation, Communication and Entrepreneurship, who can get you out of every deadlock you might feel you have reached or, even better, help you prevent getting there in the first place.

How we do that? By being by your side at every step you take, ready to facilitate the communication among all the stakeholders of your enterprise, smoothen the way to the resolution of every dispute that may arise and remind you of your common vision and your common interests. Mediation, Leadership & Communication Coaching and Business Consulting are our tools.


  • Because not only we are mediators but also entrepreneurs ourselves, something which allows us to clearly understand the problems you face.
  • Because our team consists of experts in the fields of Mediation, Business, Law and Communication covering all your needs.
  • Because we have long experience and a great number of successful outcomes in cases concerning Start-up disputes.
  • Because we are professionals who make sure they stay up to date and that they reserve for their clients the best technological infrastructure and the most comfortable, modern facilities.
  • Because we are the only ones offering you the chance to choose a monthly subscription package offering you our mediation services in a permanent basis and also other benefits like coaching, consulting, 24/24 call / video call / online support, seminars and workshops.


  • Monetary disputes
  • Power disputes
  • Control disputes
  • Personality disputes


Example: One or each of the co-founders feels like he/she does most of the job while the others mostly judge and take the praise.

  • Goals not met
  • Blame game
  • Different priorities
  • Funding cuts


Example: The Start up doesn’t have as fast a progress as anticipated and the investors decide to reduce funding for it.

  • Payment
  • Working hours
  • Working conditions
  • Job object

Founders-Employees / Business partners

Example: There is too much job to be done and too few people to handle it, so an employee is asked to do stuff he/she did not sign up for.


Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method consisting of a series of structured conversations guided and supervised by an accredited mediator, who is neutral, objective, skilled and duly trained to be able to help the parties find a sustainable solution to their disagreement. The key points that make Mediation the best choice for a Start-up are the following:


Mediation can take place at the time and place of the parties’ choice; even online.

It is a structured but easy going process which takes place in a friendly and safe environment and mood and is led by the parties getting customized to their special needs; This is exactly what you need to manage to turn the difficulty you encountered into opportunity having no restrictions.


You need results fast and you surely don’t need to spend a fortune in court proceedings instead of investing on your business.

Mediation is a process that gets the job done in less time for less money, while it allows the parties to resolve disputes and maintain good relationships at the same time getting their collaboration back on track.


Mediation is a voluntary process.

The parties choose themselves if they will recur to Mediation or not and they are free to terminate the process and have recourse to another method, such as Arbitration, or to the Court, at any time, unless a settlement agreement has been signed during the mediation process.


As a Start up the last thing you need is your enterprise’s name to be followed by rumors regarding conflicts and instability or your business secrets to be revealed.

Mediation allows you to avoid such troubles since it’s a method characterized by its confidential character. What happens in the Mediation room, stays in the Mediation room.


Last but not least, Mediation is a non-judgmental process meaning both that the Mediator does not render a judgment and that the parties’ beliefs, viewpoints, expertise and so on are acknowledged without judgment or blame.

This allows the parties to express themselves with honesty, something which can lead to mutually beneficial and more substantial solutions.


What we, as Mediators, try to do, is to separate you from the problem and keep you as calm and objective as possible. We guide you to actually listen to one another and not assume what the other party thinks and, at the same time, we maintain a communication space that is without blame allowing you to express your thoughts and needs with honesty in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

We help you find your common ground by paying attention and emphasizing your actual interests and not your positions. The question in not what you want, but why you want it.

We use collaborative-brainstorming strategies so that a range of options is on the table allowing the parties to detect where their mutual gain lies and leave the room with a win-win result.




  • 3 Disputes – Collaborative Problem Solving Meetings per month







per month

per month

per month

  • 8 Disputes - Collaborative Problem Solving Meetings per month
  • 5 hours Leadership & Communication Coaching per month
  • 5 hours Business Consulting per month
  • 24/24 call / video call / online support
  • Free access to all our seminars and workshops
  • 5 Disputes - Collaborative Problem Solving Meetings per month
  • 5 hours Leadership & Communication Coaching per month
  • 3 hours Business Consulting per month


Loukis Stefanos is an accredited Mediator of the Greek Ministry of Justice and the ADR Center of Rome, as well as a business consultant and entrepreneur. He is also the Founder of “Unicorn Mediation”.

After having completed his Bachelor Studies in Business Administration at the University of Piraeus, he obtained a MSc in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a second MSc in e-Governance, both from the Aegean University. He has been trained at Prometheus Athens Mediation Training Institute, having also completed an additional training course at Caruso School of Law of the University of Pepperdine in California (USA). He also holds the Certificate in Maritime Disputes & Arbitration of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and he has attended plenty of seminars on various Mediation topics.

At the same time, he is the Founder and CEO of “SLBL Business Consultants”, a business consulting enterprise with a clientele of over 400 enterprises, most of which are Start-ups. He has participated in incubators and has initiated plenty of projects as an entrepreneur himself, most of which are still on.

His expertise and experience both in Mediation and Business render Stefanos your ideal teammate.

Stefanos Loukis

Accredited Mediator - Negotiator | Business Consultant | Entrepreneur

Elena Digenaki is a lawyer and Accredited Mediator of the Greek Ministry of Justice.

She has postgraduate studies in Law (Commercial Law LL.M) and Psychology (Panteion University Master's Degree) while at the same time she has higher studies as a Communication Specialist (Communication and Media of Panteion University) as well as a graduate Social Worker with a professional license.

She undertakes cases of Civil and Comercial Law, while at the same time she also deals with the field of Personal Data Protection where she has received the relevant from the Kapodistrian University of Athens and collaborates as a DPO with many companies. She gives great emphasis in the field of Family Law where she has a specialisation as a Mediator from AKKED Prometheus and she has also been educated in Family Mediation by Pepperdine Caruso School of Law University of California.

Due to the multiple specialisations she has possessed in the Humanities, but also the specialisations she has received in the field of Mediation, they make her a professional with special skills and techniques in the field of Negotiation. She has handled many cases as a Negotiator in out of court settlement of disputes, both between companies or individuals and companies as well as between individuals.

Especially in the Law of Companies where multilevel conflicts occur, she has successfully undertaken their resolution through communication and negotiation techniques that lead the parties to compromise and reconciliation and also to the continuation of cooperation between companies, avoiding long term disputes of dubious ending.

Elena Digenaki

Lawyer | Accredited Mediator

Olina is a passionate multitasker working to promote the balance between entrepreneurship, new technologies, nature and humanitarianism. She is a graduate of the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an LLM holder in Business Law with specialization in Industrial Property and Competition Law from the Faculty of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

She has studied at Georg-August Universität Göttingen in Germany for half a year. She has attended plenty of conferences and seminars, both in Greece and abroad, on many topics (to name but a few : “Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): Legal Implications”, “Competition Law : Bringing order in a jungle”, “Law, internet and social media”, “Cyberspace Law” etc). Her thesis is published under the title“Blockchain Technology: Risks and Opportunities regarding Competition Law”. She has successfully completed the course “GDPR Specialist and DPO” by ELKEDIM and she holds a Course Certificate in “Introduction to Psychology” by Yale University, as well as a Course Certificate in "Essential Management Skills" by IBMI (International Business Management Institute). She has participated in projects aiming to boost awareness, transnational mobility, interaction and collaboration such as Comenius, Erasmus and MUN.

At the same time, she is familiar with the art industry and has studied both music and drama. As a Lawyer and Advisor she has been working at various work environments (law firm, law office, business consulting firm,freelancing) and she has come to deal with a wide variety of complicated cases covering almost every field of law and mostly cases on Business Law, Intellectual Property, E-commerce, GDPR, Criminal, Immigration and Refugee Law, as well as with negotiations in the context of out-of-court settlements. Currently, she is a «Unicorn Μediation» consultant, the Head of Legal of the business consulting firm “SLBL”, one of the core board members and the Head of Legal of “The Tribe in Action”, an NGO working for humanitarian and environmental causes, and a freelance consultant. She speaks Greek, English and German fluently.

Olina Androutsopoulou

Lawyer – Legal Advisor | IP Consultant | GDPR Consultant | Negotiator

Maria is a Trainee Lawyer, candidate at the LL.M program "International & European Legal Studies: Private Law and Business Transactions". She has graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with a Bachelor of Laws degree and has also studied at the Law School of the University of Limoges in France. She has successfully completed the program "European Business Law: Competing in Europe" by Lund University. Maria specializes in Business Law i.e. intellectual property law, e-commerce law and competition law.

Maria Boulieri

Trainee Lawyer | Mediator


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